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Norse Longhouse

Norse LonghouseNorse Longhouse
39,00 €
31,00 €

Rural families often lived in a ‘Langhus’ (Longhouse), a form of dwelling that dates back to the Iron Age, with the communal living area of the family in part of the ‘Hus’ and the ‘Scypen’ (Shippon/Cattle Byre) in the other.  The family's most valued livestock lived in the byre end of their house with them, keeping livestock safe and providing extra warmth in cold weather. 

Like this example many a Norse Longhouse had long, deep rafters each side of the gable (almost to the ground).  As well as the low roof eaves it had oversized, feature, bargeboards at the gable ends to protect the roofing from flying off in rough weather and cross winds.  It was not just bad weather these farmers needed protection from and their domestic, rural lives were seldom ever tranquil.
28mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included. Colour of thatch ma vary.

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