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Byzantine Spearmen

Byzantine Skutatoi BoxByzantine Skutatoi Box
Byzantine Skutatoi Box
Byzantine Skutatoi 01
Byzantine Skutatoi_02
Byzantine Skutatoi_03
Byzantine Skutatoi_04
Byzantine Skutatoi_05
Byzantine Skutatoi_06
Byzantine Skutatoi Frame Front
Byzantine Skutatoi Frame Rear
Byzantine Skutatoi
27,00 €

This box enables you to build up to 25 Byzantine Skoutatoi in heavy armour. You'll be able to build up to 25 Spearmen, and/or up to 10 armed with sword. All the figures in the box can be assembled with two different types of shields, building early or later period byzantines. 

Figures are supplied unpainted and require a little assembly.

The box contains 25 plastic bases 20x20mm.


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