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Sunday, 30 November 2014 13:17

Mongol Cavalry (Wargames Illustrated)

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28mm Plastic Mongol Cavalry
Fireforge Games

Reviewed by Matt Moran


 Ever since they started releasing their 28mm plastic miniatures all those years ago, Italian company Fireforge have teased us with the upcoming opponents for their Christian knights and men-at-arms. And here they are - Mongols! Although Europe was on the very edge of their conquests, these models can just as easily be used for many of the steppe tribes that fled before the Mongols to trouble Europe in the middle ages.

The box contains twelve multi-part hard plastic models, cast by Renedra with their usual care and attention. There are also four 25x50mm rectangular and six 50mm square bases to mount them on, and an advert for Fireforge's medieval wargame Deus Vult, the rules to which explain the mix of single and multi- bases provided.

Four identical sprues provide the horses, three apiece in four parts - head, tail and two halves of the body. These all have quite large bases which are just short enough to fit on the 40mm round bases that are the other mainstay for 28mm cavalry. The horses are all in very dynamic poses - one with all four feet in the air, which is when the Mongols fired in order to assure maximum accuracy. The tack and baggage on the horses all seems period-appropriate and has a suitably Asiatic look. The horses are of a size with Conquest Games' Norman horses, though the legs are slightly sturdier.The riders come on three sprues with four men apiece, each loaded with accessories. For the twelve riders, there are:
⁃ Eighteen shields in six different designsMongol
⁃ Three tambourines ringed with horsetails
⁃ Three horsetail standards
⁃ Three horns
⁃ Six sword arms
⁃ Six spear arms (half holding, half stabbing or throwing)
⁃ Twelve bow arms
⁃ Twelve holstered bows and twelve quivers
⁃ Twenty-four left arms, half firing, half for shields
⁃ Six scabbarded swords
⁃ Twelve individual heads and separate Mongol hats/helmets
⁃ Twelve torsos in steppe robes
⁃ Twelve lower bodies with steppe boots, trousers and the bottom half of the robes
⁃ Twelve "ponytails" to attach to heads or headgear

As you can see, the very multi-part nature of this box makes your riders very customisable in pose as well as armament. Despite the box art and to my slight disappointment, there are no armoured riders in the box, but these light cavalry are all very nice indeed. Despite the 12th - 13th century timestap on the box, just only a small amount of customisation would provide you with light cavalry for any period up to the early twentieth century. I am planning to turn some of them into Pulp adversaries for my existing 1930s heroes using more modern weaponry from other kits.

Like the rest of Fireforge's plastics, these are heroically scaled with slightly oversized hands and weapons. This will not be a problem for most people, as the overall effect is not incongruous, but it will restrict which other manufacturers' models they can be mixed with.

I like this kit. The unhistorical part of me would like to have had more swords available, but that is my only minor niggle with them. This is a very affordably priced set of cavalry, and I would recommend it to anyone planning to take up the banner of the khans in a new period.


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