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Wednesday, 13 November 2013 13:14

Sergeants at Arms Released!

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This plastic set is more a "new version" of our set "Mounted Sergeants" than a totally different new release. What we have done is replacing the weapon section of the Mounted Sergeants set with the one you find in the infantry set "Foot Sergeants" as well as putting a mixture of barded and unbarded horses too into the box. In this way you can assemble Mounted Sergeants with different weapon options but above all, you can build Mounted Crossbowmen. It is more a "Service Pack" we have done for all our customers who are not more obliged to buy two different boxes (Mounted Sergeants and Foot Sergeants) to build Mounted Crossbowmen or to make conversions.


This box set contains twelve 28mm multi-part plastic Sergeants at Arms with a mixture of barded and unbarded horses. You can build several types of Sergeants with a choice of many weapons among which you'll find crossbows for assembling Mounted Crossbowmen units. Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly.


The box contains enough plastic bases for Deus Vult gaming system:


  • 50mm x 50mm = 3 bases
  • 25mm x 50mm = 6 bases


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