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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 18:05

Foot Sergeants Preview

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Here is a little preview of our incoming first infantry plastic set, Foot Sergeants. We are going to release two more infantry plastic sets during next months, Teutonic Infantry and Templar Infantry.

The Foot Sergeants set will allow you to build up to 48 Foot Sergeants miiniatures or up to 24 crossbowmen and 24 Foot Sergeants, in medium armour. Here is the details:

Heads - 10 different heads in six  sections for a total of 60 heads in the set.

Bodies - 6 different infantry bodies in very dynamic and realistic poses.

Melee Weapons - 6 different right arms armed with spears, 2 with swords, 2 axes and 2 maces. Six weapon sections for a total of 36 spears, 12 swords, 12 axes and 12 maces. A huge total of 84 right arms with weapons.

Crossbow - 4 different sculpted couple of arms with crossbow. You can build up to 24 foot crossbowmen from the set.



Shields - 4 different shield types and 4 different left arm poses not attached to the shields. There are 48 shields and left arms in the box.

Various - Sword scabbards and crossbow quivers not attached to the bodies.


Aimed release date is first week of November.

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