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"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe"

Richard the Lionheart

Welcome to Fireforge Games,
This company arose from the passion for wargaming, and you probably share that passion with us if you are reading this note.

We have a dream, which is the dream of creating the most beautiful and historically-accurate plastic miniatures in the world, the kind of miniatures that we, as hobbyists, would like to own, assemble, paint, put on a gaming table with pride, and lead to victory in our gaming campaigns. Our dream is to create a complete gaming system, miniatures , and supplements that will allow you to enjoy infinite hours of  hobby and entertainment.

Welcome to Fireforge Games, welcome to our dream …


Fireforge Games is a  company focused on the creation and distribution of  a complete historical wargaming system, Deus Vult, and a complete line  of high quality plastic multi-component and resin 28mm miniatures. We are all passionate and long-time wargamers and hobbyists,  and this passion has been the driving force of  Fireforge Games. We are trying to create the gaming system that we would like to play, because at the end of the day, we are our own most demanding customers. Our mission is to give you, and ourselves, fun and entertainment with our miniatures and games.

fabioFabio  Spiezia


Rank: Grandmaster of the Holy Order of the Forge

The Big Boss.

: Long experience in high-profile management roles in “the real world” combined with countless years of leading of troops on gaming tables, have given Fabio the skills to create Fireforge Games. When not busy chasing sculptors, crafters, rule writers, artists and the filthy peasant who is our web designer, Fabio enjoys collecting and playing any kind of army, especially those from Medieval and Napoleonic periods. The Big Boss is famous for his battle cry "Deus Vult!" (God Wills It!), which he use to make an audacious (some would say crazy!) move on the gaming table.




Angelo Autolino

Rank: Master and Grand Commander  of the Holy Order of the Forge

Role: Co-owner & Messmaker

Background: Angelo is one of the old and wise (some would say the Oldest) wargamers in Italy, and he was the owner of the company former known as “Aquila Imperiale”, the main distributor of 15mm miniatures in all of Italy. A long-time friend of Fabio, he is the other spark that ignited the Fireforge project.  A former "tombeur de femmes" (some would say very former), Angelo now has a lovely family. Angelo  loves to play  miniatures games in every scale and genere (from ancient to Sci-Fi), he defines himself as “not a competitive player" which is a polite way of saying that he rarely wins a game.

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