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  • We have started a new project, a complete range of figures: MEDIEVAL RUSSIANS Check our Forgestarter section for more informations...
  • Arab Armoured Archers are now available Visit our webstore. Fireforge Staff...
  • We updated all our Deal offers. We increased the discount. Check now our webstore to find the right deal for...

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Crusader Archers Released
CRUSADER ARCHES   Crusader Archers are now available. Check our "Men at Arms" section. More detail
Templar Knights History
The Knights Templar trace their origin back to shortly after the First Crusade. Around 1119,... More detail
Arab Armoured Archers
ARAB ARMOURED ARCHERS   Arab Armoured Archers now available. Check our "Armies of Islam"... More detail
Medieval Russians pre-order program
We have started a new project, a complete range of figures MEDIEVAL RUSSIANS Check our... More detail
Tsubodai Preview
Our first character. Tsubodai, one of the greatest general in Mongol history. The man who tried to... More detail
Arab Heavy Infantry
ARAB HEAVY INFANTRY   Arab Heavy Infantry are now available. Check our "Armies of Islam"... More detail
Plastic Horses Frames
Now available in our web store our plastic barded and unbarded horses. Ceck our "Figure... More detail
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Teutonic Knights BOX
Teutonic Knights
27,00 €
Foot Sergeants BOX
Foot Sergeants
39,00 €

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