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  •  We are working on our next project: Byzantine Army from the Thematic to the Komnenian era. The first box a...
  • Also this year we will be in London at Salute 2017. This will be your chance to buy Fireforge products...
  • We are working on our next release: Albion's Knights. This will be our first fantasy multi component plastic set. This...

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Burn Loot Army Lists
Burn Loot Army Lists
Burn Loot Army Lists

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Military Order Shields
This new series includes the shields of several Military Orders: Alcantara, Calatrava, Santiago,... More detail
Byzantine Spearmen Released
Bizantyne are coming. This box enables you to build up to 25 Byzantine Skoutatoi spearmen in heavy... More detail
Scandinavian Infantry
This box enables you to build up to 25 Post-Viking Scandinavian Infantry soldiers in heavy... More detail
Medieval Archers
This box enables you to build  24 Medieval Archers.   Figures are supplied unpainted and require... More detail
Wrath of the Northmen
Wrath of the Nothmen is the first supplement for Burn & Loot, the historical miniatures... More detail
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Teutonic Knights BOX
Teutonic Knights
27,00 €
Foot Sergeants BOX
Foot Sergeants
39,00 €
Templar Knights BOX
Templar Knights
27,00 €
Mongol Cavalry BOX
Mongol Cavalry
27,00 €
Teutonic Infantry BOX
Teutonic Infantry
27,00 €
Mounted Sergeant BOX
Mounted Sergeants
27,00 €

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